About Us

Akon Plastic and Roll Industry Company was established in 2011 and started its production in Istanbul İkitelli Organized Industrial Zone about plastic injection machinery and plastic cadrs protection case  in the total production area of ​​66 m2.

In the year of  2012, our company has both doubled its production capacity and machinery park. In the same year, our company has started to produce thermal rolls and thermal labels.

While the growth process of our company is continuing rapidly, in 2014, our production area has been moved to  an area of 300m2 and also  the machine park has been renewed to give weight to the production of thermal rolls in the same time. In the year of 2017, our company increased its production area to 500 m2 and renewed its machinery park and related to this, increased its production capacity.

The ” Akon Plastic and Roll Industry Export Leap” project  which is carried out by our company has been supported by Small and Medium Enterprises Development Organization (KOSGEB) in 2018.

While our project is running smoothly, our company has started to export its first export to Israel in 2018. Then, as a result of the negotiations with the enterprises operating in Azerbaijan, exports to Azerbaijan has also started. In addition to this news, our market search activities for the European Union region are still continuing.

Our company also continues to strengthen the personnel and machine infrastructure by taking important steps towards institutionalization as of 2018, and within the 150 tons of monthly production capacity, our company continiues its production of plastic card protection container, thermal, eco thermal, laminated thermal, bird, opaque, material labels and rolls with a cooperation with nearly 500 enterprises abroad.


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